Tbilisi Metro Stopped Due To Workers Strike


The whole metro system of Tbilisi, Georgia has stopped working due to a rally protests from the metro drivers and their staff. The situation started since on 3rd of June and has been revealed by a source that this protest will not end, until their demands have been met.

The employees are seeking a 45% increase in salary and better working conditions since their work deals with a lot of energy and time underground. However, the Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze has informed the public saying, this can not be done, as it can not be afforded at the moment.

This present issue has caused a lot of confusion between the citizens as so many people depend on this metro for their daily activities, and this sudden stop of the metro has caused a sudden increase in traffic , taxi prices, full to the brim big and small buses, thereby making life a little bit difficult for the people who majorly live in the outskirts of this city.

Although the mayor also stressed about the fact that this strike the metro workers commenced is very illegal and carried out in benefits of the populations interest….  Stating that a  “rise in salary is only possible if we increase the metro tariffs, cut off some social benefits and postponed some infrastructural projects ”  but he has also reassured the citizens saying they would do everything in their power to make the metro resume its working conditions as soon as  possible.



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