Gas Leakage Causes Death Of 4 – Year Old Infant in Tbilisi, Georgia


In the district of Didi Digomi Tbilisi, a residential building has exploded due to an alleged gas leak .

Residents of the building, informed the media that there was a strong gas smell present in the building throughout the day. Employees of the gas provider company, Kaztransgas came to the building to check for a leak, but couldn’t find the cause and left the scene after concluding that nothing was wrong with the gas infrastructure. But unfortunately the sixth floor of the nine-storey building exploded , destroying the staircases as well as the walls of several flats.

The locals also had their opinion on how a gas leak may have been the cause of the explosion as Nearby buildings were also damaged in the blast.

A four-year-old child has died in the hospital . Doctors say the child was in a critical condition when he was brought to Imedi Clinic.

Among the injured are six minors and two middle-age individuals-a man and a woman, according to recent investigations.

Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze has declared 17th  January as a mourning day Informing the public that Flags on state buildings will fly at half-staff tomorrow. The Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, who also visited the injured children in the Iashvili Clinic, stated that their lives are no longer at risk, as she offers her condolences to the families of the deceased.

The residents of the building where the explosion took place will be allowed in their flats for several minutes under special guidance to take the most essential things they need, after which they would be accommodated by the local authorities until the building is deemed safe again.

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