Are You Throwing A House Party? Look Up Ways To Make It Memorable And Fun


Always we throw house parties on a daily basis, but at the same time most people get confused on whether they can set out the perfect plan for an outstanding house party. To get your house party to be really fun can sometimes be difficult as most times things do not always go as planned as sometimes we find our invited guests not willing to play by our rules.

But here are some cool and easy things you can include in your house party, to make it more fun that it already was; 

1. Plan

Always make some plans before throwing up any party as no one likes a sudden invitation.

2. Make A Scheduled Time and Stick With It

Every event they say, starts with with a planning, and for sure any successful planning needs time. You need to make sure that ,you pick out a specific time and make your invitations and preparations according to this time. Inform your friends, people you would like to attend your party and make them know you want an early start early close situation in the party.

3. Space

Having a main space is vital for any house party. You don’t want everyone making a mess of the bedrooms or walking about in the kitchen so you need a spacious room to play some music and for people to actually party. If your house has a large lounge space then you’re sorted but if you didn’t quite think of that one before moving in, don’t worry.  You can actually seek help from one of your friends or housemates who usually doesn’t spend much time in the house, probably crashing at their partners a little too often. And they might be open to their room being used temporarily. Make sure it’s big enough, then ask whoever lives in it if they’re cool with their furniture and things being moved into someone else’s room for a night. So long as you mention these two things you’re set. Just arrange  some speakers, plug in your music and get ready to party.

4 . Plan Your Music

We don’t always need a club to kill it on the dance floor. Spending some minutes figuring out what song should go next on YouTube or Spotify is a sure way way to spice up the atmosphere of any party. There are plenty of great playlists on both apps ready to go but if you know your guests have more specific tastes then taking an hour one day before the party to create a great playlist will avoid any dulling issues.

5. Get Some Snacks

Most times it is usually important to ensure that guests have something to eat. Food has been known to generally improve the situations at parties, as your guests uses up their energy at your party, i think its only fair that you provide them with renewed energy too.

6 . No Mobile Phones

If there’s one device that defines the modern world’s tendency to get obsessed with ‘stuff’, it is the mobile phone. We are all practically glued to it almost all the time. So it is that this particular house party idea has a lot of merit. Because a party is supposed to be a break from all the regular reality and the reality that we get is defined to a certain degree by the cell phone. So, it’s absence would logically pave the way for a different sort of reality.
The idea is simple, upon entry the cell phones of all the guests would be locked up  or turned off in a secure place. They will receive their phone back only when they’re leaving. In between, everyone will have to talk with actual people in the flesh and not just an incorporeal voice.

7 . Vodka Jelly Shots

If Vodka isn’t present at your house party i don’t know what else should. A house party cannot be fully called a house party unless you have a Massive Vodka hidden some where in your kitchen shelves. If you haven’t mixed your Vodka with jelly gums before, you definitely should try this . Soak a bag of gummy sweets in vodka for a couple of hours first and then put them into the  shot glasses before you put the jelly in . It tastes better than tequila and reduces the excuse of “i can’t drink this right now, because it burns” made by guests who aren’t willing to play the V card.

8 . Games

Most guests coming to your house party might not be familiar with each other very well, different sorts of games ranging from table games, card games, word games e.t.c ( for more ideas on games to play at a house party look up on) Games gives live to any party and can easily switch up the moments of a dull atmosphere, and transform it into a lively one.

9 . Relax And Enjoy Your Party

Having a good time at a party is extremely important.  Don’t invite the people you know will upset you and party to have fun instead of partying to achieve a goal. Those of you who do that know who you are. Informing your neighbours ahead of time is always a good idea and it’s polite to have it on a Friday or Saturday if you can. That said, a good party is always remembered as a great party if the police come to tell you to quiet down. The best way to get around annoyed neighbours though is to invite them, and gift them with something little they cherish beforehand.




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