Alexis Sanchez Shows Appreciation To Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger over texts


ALEXIS SANCHEZ decided against writing Arsene Wenger on social media – and sent a personal message instead.

After receiving a solid confirmation that Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger would be stepping out of the the Premier League club at the end of the season, Alexis revealed he sent his former manager Arsene Wenger text messages wishing him good luck for the future.

Sanchez was signed by Wenger from Barcelona in 2014 and subsequently went on to establish himself as one of the best players in the Premier League, before leaving the club to join Manchester United in January. 

The Chilean further revealed, Speaking after United’s 2-1 FA Cup semi-final win over Tottenham on Saturday, Sanchez said:”I could not say anything on social media but I texted him yesterday to wish him the best and he replied to me saying thank you”.

“It’s sad because he is a historical football legend, I always said he is a gentleman and a football master, he taught me a lot about respect and to be professional. I’m just so thankful to him.”

When Alexis was asked if Wenger had made him a better player since signing him from Barcelona in 2014. He added: “Yes, a lot. He is a true gentleman.”

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